Equipment for rehabilitation of pipelines

Our company places orders for works and delivery of equipment with partnering companies.

To perform rehabilitation projects on your own, you will need the following special equipment:

  • A mobile winch with a drum and a cable and with an integrated control system:
    • a control unit for the bunch;
    • a unit to control speed of pulling the bunch;
    • a manual pull system with output for collecting information flow;
  • A bunch with UV lamps for rehabilitating diameters 150–600 and 700–1600, including:
    • a pre-installed HD video camera;
    • three sensors for monitoring surface of the sleeve;
    • a sensor to control surface air temperature inside the sleeve;
  • A set of mounting chassis for diameters 150, 300, 400, 500+mm;
  • Mounting packers for various diameters 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 700+mm;
  • An air blower, capacity 150/300 cfm;
  • A winch for tightening the sleeves;
  • Power station, 3-phase, 220/400;
  • Accessories. For sleeves with the size from DN 600, for example, a conveyor belt.

We can place an order for the supply or rental of equipment. Training representatives of your companies on the operation of this equipment is provided free of charge.

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