Estin Trading Company Ltd. pays great attention to problems of preserving the ecology. We perform all our works keeping in mind the preservation of the environment.

Repair of a pipeline using the SAERTEX liner is more ecological and economical than using traditional methods resulting in the need to dig across entire streets. The rehabilitation of a pipeline by a stocking method does not destroy the soil and nature around and creates for residents much less troubles such as noise, dirt and transport delays.


All materials, which the liner is made of, are subjected to thorough checking and testing. For manufacturing the liner, high-quality chemically and corrosion resistant fiberglass is used, as well as ISO-NPG polyester resin or vinyl-ester resin for particularly aggressive wastewater. Both resins are suitable for curing with ultraviolet emission.


The ready-to-install SAERTEX liners are manufactured to the nearest millimeter, and the entire process is strictly controlled, which eliminates the need for chemicals when installing the liner. This is an important safety feature for workers, local residents and protection of the environment.

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